Faithful & Gould (formerly Hanscomb Faithful Gould) - Williamsburg, VA

Faithful & Gould had leased a space on the second floor of a building with the agreement to share a common conference room with the first floor tenant. Kay Architects was retained to develop the proposed plan and construction document on very short time schedule. The finishes, layout and program were similar to their existing offices in Alexandria VA.

First Baptist Church of Woodbridge Youth Program Platform - Woodbridge VA

First Baptist Church of Woodbridge expanding Youth Program had a need for a performance platform to be located in the youth hall of their recently complete building. Through the general contractor for the base building, they were referred to Kay Architects to assist them in providing the permit and construction documents. Kay Architects met with the program and facilities directors, generated the program requirements, and brought in electrical consulting engineer to address electrical modifications.

Weigand Associates, Inc., Brooke Grove Elementary School Chiller Enclosure - Montgomery County MD

Weigand Associates was prime consultant in the upgrading of the mechanic system, and contacted Kay Architects to assist them in providing an enclosure for the proposed chiller. Kay Architect met at the site documented the existing conditions and coordinated with the client the spaceual requirements specified unit.